Company Profile

Integrated Systems Development S.A. (ISD) is an independent organization established in Greece in 1998 under registration number 40235/01AT/B/98/82. The company operates under the laws of Greece, having the headquarters in Maroussi, Athens Greece and a branch at Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

ISD is active in the domain of Integrated Systems (IS) of guaranteed quality and performance. It is an R&D organization working with system houses, software houses and integrated circuit manufacturers. Actually ISD acts as an original electronic equipment developer and integrator, providing services ranging from software development for embedded and general purpose platforms, to digital and analog/RF integrated circuit design, memory design, to digital signal processing for embedded/stand-alone applications and PCB design. Moreover ISD is a turn-key solution provider handling all aspects of product definition, design, development, documentation, production and support. ISD is also actively involved in the field of telemedicine.

The key competences of ISD include: i) system and multi-tier SW development, ii) filter and DSP SW development, iii) digital, analog and RF VLSI design, iv) computer and systems architecture, v) network and telecom architecture, vi) modeling and simulation, vii) validation and verification, viii) prototyping and ix) DFT and testing. In addition, ISD’s collaboration network allows direct access to the most advanced silicon technologies, characterization labs, co-design platforms, novel validation/verification tools, etc. These collaborations give a significant competitive advantage to ISD.

ISD has a wide range of product portfolio. These products are either in the form of components embedded in partners’ products or in the form of finished goods. The components that have been so far commercialized include:

  • Audio algorithms for high end digital TV sets.
  • Hardware for video acquisition, processing, compression, transmission and display.
  • Firmware and low level system software for general purpose and embedded operating systems and platforms, such as TV sets, set top boxes, satellite transceivers, etc.
  • Display drivers.
  • Components for real time, safety critical integrated systems.
  • Components for UWB, 802.11n, Wimax and relevant platforms.
  • System C kernels.
  • Network on Chip Components.


The complete products that have been so far commercialized include:

Multi-camera real-time pixel synchronized video acquisition systems  suitable for wide-area synchronous and integrated surveillance, arbitrary-aspect panoramic imaging through highly extensible video-rate mosaicking, multi-viewpoint imaging for 3D mapping, automultiscopic capture, autonomous navigation, robotic applications, etc.

Digital multi-source audio and video capturing, storage and manipulation system for surveillance.Video frame rate up-converter with motion compensation for high end projectors and displays.

Telemedicine platform featuring remote monitoring of patient biometric data, real-time communication with doctors and filing of respective electronic medical records (EMR).

Structural health monitoring platforms capturing and compiling in-situ environmental quantities (i.e. strain, corrosion, salinity, wetness, etc).

Moreover, ISD has expertise on avionics military and space platforms:

  • avionics system testing and instrumentation
  • communications
  • SW design-qualification-certification
  • simulation and dedicated HW development.


ISD’s key customers include:

  • ST Microelectronics (F,I)
  • ST Ericsson (F)
  • HP Labs (CA, USA)
  • Atmel (F)
  • Alenia Aeronautica (I)
  • EADS Innovation Works (F)
  • Dassault (F)
  • Eurocopter (F)
  • EADS Astrium (F,D)
  • MBDA (F)
  • VIT (F)
  • Isorg (F)
  • Allegro (F)
  • ESA (NL).


ISD is eligible for Credit-Impot-Research by the French authorities.