DCDC1V8RH: fixed 1.8V DC/DC converter PoL


DCDC1V8RH is radiation hardened 3.3V to 1.8V regulated DC-DC power converter suitable for utilizing regulated Point-of-Loads (PoL) either for FPGA and microprocessors at board level design or as an embedded IP in large SoC and ASICs. The PWM IP core is also particularly suited for reducing the 3.3V voltage available at the periphery of 3.3V ASICs to 1.8V for powering the low voltage digital cells in the core. It is based on a classical linear duty-cycle modulated PWM controller in combination with two external MOSFET switches to implement a synchronous rectifying buck converter topology. It uses a minimum number of external components to regulate the output voltage in the voltage feedback error control mode. The extraordinary high switching frequency of 12 MHz allows the reduction of the external output capacitance and inductance values at least by a factor of ten compared to conventional PWM DC-DC converter solutions based on a similar topology.


  • 3.3V ± 10% to 1.8V fixed output DC-DC converter
  • Duty-cycle controlled PWM controller core
  • Very high switching frequency fixed to 12 MHz typ.
  • Integrated voltage error amplifier (VEA)
  • Synchronous Buck topology
  • Requires two external MOSFET switches
  • TID tolerant to > 300 krad (Si)
  • SEL free tested to LET of 72 MeV-cm2/mg
  • SEFI free tested to LET of 62.5 MeV-cm2/mg
  • SEU/SET characterized to LET of 62.5 MeV-cm2/mg with heavy-ions
  • Ambient operating temperature: -40°C to +100°C


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