Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy










Recognizing the need and global responsibility of protecting the Environment and in order to contribute to the Sustainable Development, ISD S.A. has established and is operating under specific Environmental Procedures according to the requirements of ISO 14001:2015, having as an ultimate goal the Continuous Improvement of its Environmental Footprint.


The main principles of ISD’s culture regarding the Environment are as follows:

  • Promotion of an environmental culture and awareness among its personnel, to which the necessary training will be provided as appropriate. This culture and awareness are deemed the responsibility of all employees and, consequently, each and every one of them must perform their activities in accordance with existing environmental regulations and procedures.

  • Rational use of resources in order to reduce its carbon footprint, by controlling its resources so as to minimize the consumption of water, paper and energy, reduce waste generation and encourage recycling, through the implementation of best environmental, energy and eco-efficient practices, as well as promoting the use of renewable energy and offsetting greenhouse gases emissions.

  • Compliance with the applicable legislation in force and adoption of measures for continuous improvement through the implementation of an Environmental Management System.


In order to support those principles, ISD’s Administration is committed to the implementation of the following:

  • Identification of the requirements and needs of all Interested Parties and consideration of them in every step,

  • Compliance with the National & European laws and regulations related to the Environment and its activity,

  • Identification of potential Environmental risks & opportunities related to the Company's operational activities and taking measures to prevent / take advantage of them,

  • Training and awareness of personnel,

  • Evaluation of Environmental performance through specified objectives and KPIs,

  • Collection, categorization, maintenance and communication of Environmental data.

  • Perform internal & external audits in order to evaluate performance and trace non-conformities,

  • Root cause analysis of all kinds of non-conformities (e.g., customer / other third parties’ complaints, procedural deviations etc.) as well as implementation of corrective / preventive actions and reviews,

  • Continuous evaluation of their products and services based on Customer requirements,

  • Ethical and fair treatment towards employees and all interested parties

  • Provision of the necessary resources in order to achieve the above.


ISD’s Administration will periodically review the effectiveness of the above through organized Management Reviews.

ISD’s Administration has defined an Environmental Manager with specific responsibilities, which include the maintenance and further development as well as the surveillance of the implementation of the Company’s Environmental Procedures, tuning up all the executives and personnel involved in operations related to the Environment, as described in the Company’s Procedures, Work Instructions, Policies and Job Descriptions.


If you noticed any Environmental deviation regarding ISD’s operation or have a proposal for improvement or complaint, we warmly invite you to discuss it with us! You can reach our Quality & Environmental Department directly at cms@isd.gr .