Rad-Hard Analog Mixed-Signal IP blocks

ISD offers a comprehensive portfolio of radiation hardened analog mixed-signal functional circuit blocks suitable either for stand-alone use or for integration as IP blocks in complex SoC and ASIC system designs. The rigorous and proven radiation hardening approach applied at system architecture, circuit design and technology levels ensures robust performance and reliable operation suitable for a number of demanding applications such as:  
  • Aerospace and defence

  • High reliability industrial process control in radio-active environments

  • On-board housekeeping implementation of functions

  • High reliability instrumentation, measurement and data acquisition


The offered analog mixed-signal IP library has been designed in the radiation proven CMOS-SOI 150nm ATMX150RHA technology of MicrochipTM (former AtmelTM). All the IP blocks have been electrically characterized over their specified supply voltage and operating temperature ranges. The radiation endurance has been proven at Total Ionizing Dose (TID) levels up to 300 krad (Si) according to ESCC 22900 and characterized with heavy-ions against Single Event Effects (SEE) according to ESCC 25100.

ATMX150RHA technology datasheet

Access to designer’s resources is available on demand under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that may include:

  • Evaluation samples in the form of bare dies or assembled packaged components in multi-layer CQFP and CDIP packages

  • Schematic and constrained layout views for seamless introduction into the Cadence EDA flow

  • Evaluation boards

  • Datasheets and design documentation

  • Radiation data and test reports

  • Engineering technical support


The line-up of Rad-Hard analog mixed signal blocks is continuously expanding, with the following functions being currently developed and available to the user:

  1. ADC24RH: 24-bit Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converter

  2. DAC24RH: 24-bit Sigma-Delta, current steering Digital-to-Analog Converter

  3. DCDC1V8RH: high PWM frequency fixed 1.8V DC/DC converter PoL

  4. PLL200RH: 200 MHz low jitter PLL synthesizer clock synchronizer

  5. MISAC: multi-mode PWM Controller for DC-DC Power Converters

  6. ADC13RH: Fast 13-bit pipeline Analog-to-Digital Converter

  7. REG3V320RH: 3.3V / 250mA fixed output linear voltage regulator

  8. BG1V25RH: Bandgap voltage reference 1.25V


For further information on technical details and availability please contact us here.