MISAC: Rad-hard multi-mode PWM Controller for DC-DC Power Converters


MISAC has been developed under an ESA R&D contract in partnership to Astri-PolskaTM (https://astripolska.pl/en/misac/). It is a highly configurable, radiation hardened PWM controller IC that can be used as a basis for realizing different regulated DC-DC converter topologies by utilizing the same PWM controller IC. It is optimized for interfacing to a regulated or unregulated intermediate power bus of typically 12V ± 25%, and can be used either in the voltage or current error feedback control modes. Most of the operational characteristics of the component are externally configurable using dedicated pins to allow a great degree of flexibility in the design of regulated DC-DC power converters of various types and sizes. It features a dual synchronous PWM output interface capable of delivering output current in excess of 2.5A for driving external MOSFET switches with gate capacitance as high as 10nF, typically utilized in high power DC-DC converter implementations. Voltage regulation is achieved through linear duty-cycle control of the PWM output using an internally generated and adjustable sawtooth waveform. The high switching frequency operation of 1 MHz is particularly suitable for implementing highly efficient DC-DC power converters using magnetic components of reduced size and volume.


  • Linear duty-cycle regulated PWM controller IC
  • Optimized for 12V voltage input bus (8V to 15V)
  • Input voltage UVLO with fixed hysteresis
  • Adjustable switching frequency 100 kHz to 1 MHz
  • Internal RC or external CMOS clock oscillator input
  • SYNC I/O pin allows the implementation of multiple-phase output converters
  • 3.3V LVCMOS I/O
  • Dual synchronous PWM output interface
  • Peak current in excess of ± 2.5A
  • Adjustable lead-edge blanking
  • Adjustable minimum ON duty and OFF duty times
  • Adjustable PWM phase to the reference clock at 90° steps
  • Soft-start operation
  • Current limiter control
  • Voltage or current error feedback control
  • Remote disable input
  • Adjustable sawtooth amplitude
  • Supported DC-DC converter topologies: Buck, Boost, Buck-boost, Flyback, Forward, Push-Pull, Half-bridge, Full-bridge (with second synchronized IC).
  • Current consumption 30mA typ.
  • Characterized over the temperature range: -40°C to +125°C ambient
  • Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) up to 300 krad (Si) Total Ionizing Dose (TID)
  • Passes all Functional and Specified Post-Radiation Parametric Limits at 300 krad High Dose Rate (HDR) at 4.3 krad/h tested according to ESCC 22900.
  • No SEL/SEB (latch-up/burnout free) to LET of 32 MeV-cm2 at junction temperature of 105°C
  • SEU/SEFI free to LET of 62.5 MeV-cm2/mg with heavy-ions
  • Qualification campaign per ESCC 9000 ceramic is planned


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