Structural Health Monitoring Platforms

Our SHM systems are battery-powered, standalone, sensor data acquisition, processing and storage units. Acquired data can be supplied either through a wireless link (ZigBeeTM standard) or via a standard USB link. They are intended to be embedded in complex structures, such as aircrafts, pipelines, high rise buildings, metallic constructions, bridges, etc providing measurements of environmental and physical quantities.


Each unit supports up to 7 independent analogue input channels which may receive input data from various remote sensors (i.e. humidity, pressure, corrosion, accelerometer, wetness, salinity, etc) as well as an SPI channel where digital sensors (such as temperature) can be plugged. Each system has a unique ID and is accompanied by a PC-based application SW that allows: i) data retrieval through the wireless ZigBeeTM interface or the standard USB link and ii) individual configuration and parameterization of the device.

Several customized versions of the platform have been fully qualified for avionic applications and are currently installed in aircrafts produced by clients including Alenia Aeronautica, Dassault Aviation and Eurocopter.


Technical Specifications

  •  battery powered
  • power autonomy 6 years
  • real-time clock
  • embedded 2D/3D accelerometer
  • embedded digital temperature sensor
  • customizable number and type of sensors
  • programmable sensor sampling frequency per sensor instance and per device instance
  • 14bit resolution ADC
  • shock detection capability
  • Flash memory for data storage
  • embedded USB port
  • embedded wireless ZigBeeTM module
  • unique serial number per unit
  • PC-based application SW for data retrieval and configuration
  • operating temperature range -40C, +85C
  • heavy duty, humidity proof, machined aluminium box
  • dual SHM dimensions: 117mm x 105mm x 34mm (in photo)
  • single SHM dimensions: 117mm x 57mm x 34mm