Herodion Video WVGA

Herodion is a multi-board architecture that can be utilized in order to capture, multiplex and deliver to PC main memory (through the PCI-X bus) in real time, video frames generated by a number of cameras that are hardware synchronized at pixel level.


It is a high performance system, ideal for multi source video capture. The supported frame rate is up to 60 frames per second. Its hardware synchronized cameras at pixel level make it ideal for applications such as 3D modeling due to the lack of artifacts caused by motion. Its extremely powerful DMA engine enables any kind of image spatial processing to be implemented purely in hardware at no software cost. Its hierarchical architecture is fully scalable to any number of cameras. Current implementations of the system are able to support from 2 up to 72 VGA or WVGA CMOS cameras.

Herodion Video WVGA key features

  • Up to 72 WVGA CMOS camera sensors of user programmable frame size (up to 752x480) and frame rate 15-60fps.
  • System supports both colour (Bayer) and monochrome imagers.
  • 64 bit , high throughput PCI-X bus at 133MHz enabling high speed transfer of video to the Workstation using a powerful DMA engine.
  • System highly scalable.
  • PLD utilization on each sensor board enabling unique identification for each imager.